Healthy Living Guides

Penn Medicine is committed to providing health care for women and men of all ages. As a Penn patient, you are provided with information about the latest treatments and research for all aspects of a healthy lifestyle, including guidance on nutrition, exercise and a personalized approach to preventive care.

These guides were created to act as a starting point for you to create your own goals and action plans. It is recommended that you talk with your health care provider before beginning any nutrition or exercise plan.

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guidelines for maintaining good health guide

Guidelines for Maintaining Good Health

Eating a healthy, balanced diet is an important part of maintaining good health. Find out other basic recommendations for achieving the lifestyle you are looking for.

mens health guide

Men's Health Guide

If you have questions about the steps that need to be taken to achieve better health, we have the answers. Take control of your health.

womens health guide

Women's Health Guide

If you have questions about what steps should be taken regarding women's health, we have the answers. Take control of your health.

guide to raising a health child

Guide to Raising a Healthy Child

Give your child a healthy start. Follow our tips and tools to help you ensure that your child lives a happy and healthy life.

appointment checklist guide

Appointment Checklist Guide

Make sure you get the best possible care by being an active member of your health care team. Be prepared for your next doctor’s appointment.

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