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Personalized birth experiences at Women & Babies Hospital

Meeting your new baby is a once-in-a-lifetime moment. At Women & Babies Hospital, we are honored to be part of such a special time in your family’s life. We know every woman has different expectations for labor and delivery. That’s why we built a team that can provide a wide range of options to help fit your needs, all while ensuring mom and baby’s safety.

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A Tailored Approach to Delivery

With more than 4,000 moms choosing us to be part of their delivery every year, you can trust we will do all we can to help you create a once-in-a-lifetime memory.





It is important to our team that moms spend as much time bonding with baby while they are in the hospital, being able to ask questions and lean on us for help. Our lactation consultants work with each mom to help her breastfeed her baby when possible.

Birth Plan

We aim to follow every woman’s birth plan as much as possible while still following goverment and hospital regulations. And most importantly, mom and baby’s safety.

Team of Providers

We have an experienced team of physicians, nurses, and staff who are solely dedicated to delivering babies.

Level 3b NICU

Thanks to an alliance with LG Health, a dedicated team of neonatologists, neonatal nurse practitioners, and physician assistants from Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia provide 24/7, onsite care in our 29-bed unit to infants who are premature or in need of extra attention.

Practices Who Deliver at Women & Babies Hospital


LGH WBH Facility

  • LG Health Physicians Family Medicine Abbeyville*
  • LG Health Physicians Family Medicine Downtown*
  • LG Health Physicians Family & Maternity Medicine
  • LG Health Physicians Family Medicine Lititz*
  • LG Health Physicians Family Medicine Strasburg*
  • LG Health Physicians Family Medicine Twin Rose*
  • LG Health Physicians Lancaster Physicians for Women
  • LG Health Physicians Maternal-Fetal Medicine
  • May-Grant Obstetrics & Gynecology
  • Doctors Eichenlaub & May
  • Diamantoni & Associates
  • Lancaster Health Center*

*These practices may provide delivery services in partnership with LG Health Physicians Family & Maternity Medicine.

Classes and Events


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Our team of childbirth educators is here to guide you through a preparation process that’s just right for you.

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Baby Care Basics

Our Childbirth Educator will guide you through the first foggy days and help you to feel more confident in your ability to care for your newborn.

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Join our certified lactation consultant to get practical how-to information that will help you continue to breastfeed after you leave the hospital.

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Father’s Boot Camp

This one-session class for fathers only is designed to help dad step up to the challenges of first-time fatherhood.

Download Our Birth Plan Guide

It’s never too early to start thinking about priorities for your birth experience. Although babies sometimes have plans of their own, it’s helpful to keep a list of preferences that are loose and flexible. Download our guide to learn more about birth plans and the services offered at Women & Babies Hospital. 

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