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Movement Regained


Being able to move with ease is something people often take for granted. Until that freedom of movement is restricted by pain.

Don’t let joint pain keep you from simple daily activities and the adventures you love. With the right treatment in the right setting, you can feel better than you ever thought possible.

At the Lancaster General Health Orthopedic Center, our coordinated team takes a whole-body approach to joint health and joint replacement. Every aspect of our center is dedicated to restoring your freedom to move.

Get Your Life Back in Motion

If you are considering joint surgery, ask your doctor about having your treatment at the LG Health Orthopedic Center.

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Patient Stories


Eric's Story

“I couldn't ask for a better experience.”

Doing everyday things like putting on his shoes became more painful for Eric due to a deteriorating hip. A new hip has helped him regain a life full of movement.

Dianne's Story

"The LG Health Orthopedic Center team was always right there to help me."

Increasing pain from osteoarthritis was keeping Dianne from activities she loved and making her job challenging. Now, following double knee replacement, she is living life to the fullest.

Levi's Story

"They take care of you, every step of the way."

A double knee replacement has put Levi back in the driver’s seat. Hear him talk about his journey from constant pain back to an active life.

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The LG Health Orthopedic Center’s focus and approach is something you simply won’t find at any other facility in the region.

Please fill out the form to download the LG Health Orthopedic Center: Joint Replacement Program Patient Guide and learn more about the center.

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