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Heart Failure & Transplantation at Penn Medicine

The Best Congestive Heart Failure Treatments - As a national leader in heart failure and transplantation, Penn Medicine's specialized heart failure cardiologists and surgeons offer medical treatments not available at other centers.

"I knew that I needed the best… I needed something extraordinary. Penn saved my life, and I want as many people to know that as possible."

- Kim | Heart Transplant

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Inspirational Patients, Amazing Results

When Kim came to Penn, she was increasingly short of breath and knew it may be something serious. But after physicians quickly diagnosed her with a rare and fast-moving heart condition called giant cell myocarditis, Kim realized just how serious it was. Watch her inspirational story.

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Expertise in All Stages of Heart Failure:

Treatment to Meet Your Unique Needs

Penn Medicine’s Heart Failure, Mechanical Assist Device and Transplantation Programs offer the full range of advanced diagnostic, preventive, medical and surgical options for every degree of heart failure, including end-stage disease.

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Experience and Education

As one of the most active in the United States and the largest in the region, Penn’s heart failure program currently cares for more than 3,500 patients. Heart failure specialists and nurses are also specially-trained and certified in heart failure clinical practice and research.

Advanced Treatment Options

With access to the latest and most sophisticated cardiac support devices, including ventricular assist devices (VADs), you have options not available at other area hospitals, including devices currently under clinical research. Penn Heart and Vascular participates in the development of these next generation devices that are focused on simplicity, size and safety.

2016 Regional Heart Transplants

Penn performs more heart transplants than any other hospital in the region:

  • Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania – 65
  • Temple University Hospital – 23
  • Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital – 13
  • Thomas Jefferson University Hospital – 1

*Data from OPTN/HRSA: Organ Procurement and Transplantation Network and Health Resources and Services Administration. Available at

Care Coordination

A team of cardiologists, surgeons, nurses, nutritionists, care coordinators and social workers work with other medical specialties to create a care plan around your specific needs. Additionally, Penn heart failure cardiologists are available at several locations throughout the region and partner with your primary cardiologists at home, so you can get expert care, conveniently.

Information and Access

Get access to your most recent lab results, medications and health summaries in a completely secure environment with Penn's online portal. You can also communicate with Penn physicians, renew prescriptions and request physician referrals and pre-certifications.

Questions about heart failure?


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We have the answers. Download our free Heart Failure guide to learn about:

  • Heart failure vs. Congestive heart failure
  • Heart failure testing
  • Surgery for heart failure
  • Causes of heart failure
  • How you may feel
  • Medical treatment
  • Surgical treatment
  • Your role in heart failure control

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