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The Best Way to Beat Cancer Is to Prevent Cancer

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Steps to prevent cancer

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Download Cancer Prevention Guide

Penn Medicine offers screenings for breast, cervical, colorectal, and lung cancers at many of our locations throughout the region. Please download the Cancer Prevention Guide for more information about each screening type, and to find the Penn Medicine location nearest to you.

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Take Our Breast Cancer Risk Assessment

Take our Breast Cancer Risk Assessment to estimate your or a loved one's lifetime risk of breast cancer, compare your risk to the average for your age and ethnicity, and identify your different types of breast cancer risk factors.

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Lung Screening Assessment

Take our Lung Screening Assessment to determine if you or a loved one is an appropriate candidate for Low-Dose CT lung screenings. This technique, pioneered by Penn Medicine, can lead to 20 percent fewer lung cancer-related deaths a year.


Are You at Risk?

A Podcast from Dr. Aarons

Cary Aarons, MD, a colorectal surgeon at Penn Medicine, gives an honest look at how pervasive the disparities are for colon and rectal cancers for African Americans and how to be an advocate for your health.

Here’s what the podcast covers:

  • 1:05 — Top factors contributing to cancer disparities
  • 3:35 — Is cancer more aggressive in African-Americans?
  • 5:10 — Importance of family health history
  • 7:30 — Addressing myths and misinformation
  • 9:15 — Steps to reduce cancer risk

Listen to the Podcast (.MP3)