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Watch “The Cure is Within” video and see how our teams are taking precision medicine to the next level, identifying specific gene mutations, developing customized treatments, and taking outcomes from “inoperable” to “incredible.”

With every new breakthrough at Penn Medicine’s Abramson Cancer Center, we’re discovering that the cure isn’t just within reach, it’s within us all – so please share our video and help us tell the world.

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Patient Stories

Watch incredible stories from real Penn Medicine patients. Learn about their experiences at the Abramson Cancer Center. Together with individualized treatment teams and personalized care, we are bringing the cure within reach.

patient stories

cancer general doug

Doug Olson

Lymphocytic Leukemia Survivor

cancer general abi

Abi Ford

Lung Cancer Patient

cancer general stan

Stan Williams

Salivary Gland Cancer Survivor

cancer general jules

Jules Rauch

Metastatic Melanoma Survivor

patient stories

patient stories

cancer general kim

Kim Vernick

Pancreatic Cancer Survivor

cancer general mark

Mark Gettis

Lung Cancer Survivor

cancer general tara

Tara Feiner

BRCA2 Mutation, At-Risk for Breast/Ovarian Cancer

cancer general lauryn

Lauryn H.

Breast Cancer Survivor

patient menu3

patient menu3

cancer general john

John Kane

Lung Cancer Survivor

cancer general paul

Paul Trenchard

Prostate Cancer Survivor


Jackie Simms

Breast Cancer Survivor


Francie Howat

Lung Cancer Patient

patient menu3

patient menu3

kim reed

Kim Reed

Breast Cancer Survivor


Megan Dychala

Sarcoma Cancer Survivor | Reconstructive Microsurgery


Allan Shuman

Lung Cancer Survivor

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Today, the cure is within reach thanks to our relentless pursuit of advanced medicine. If you or someone you know has been touched by cancer, the power to find the cure is within you.

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